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Vianden Castle Casa Borita

Must see in Luxembourg: the Vianden Castle

By Ana Rita | 16 April 2018

Are you planning a trip to Luxembourg? Then the charming Luxembourg City is definitely a must. But did you know that the landscape of Luxembourg is also beautiful and that this tiny country is full of castles? More than a hundred! The Vianden Castle is one that has to be on your list. Vianden is…

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Petite France Strasbourg Casa Borita

4 things to see in sweet Strasbourg

By Ana Rita | 12 April 2018

O my Strasbourg. Being that other European Parliament city, politics is usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Strasbourg.  But it’s also the city of canals with picturesque houses, an historically tall cathedral, palaces that became beautiful museums and where storks serve as a mascot. I visited this French city as…

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Berlin Casa Borita

5 reasons why you must visit Berlin right now

By Ana Rita | 23 March 2018

The month is almost ending so it’s time for a new flashback! This month I am taking you to Berlin. Two years ago a German guy from our Athens apartment invited the whole group for an erasmus reunion. He hosted us at his place and showed us all the famous highlights of the city but…

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New in Rotterdam? This guide offers you plenty of tips!

By Ana Rita | 12 March 2018

I love to write blogs about the newest and coolest hotspots in Rotterdam. But where do you really have to go for a first-time visit? What are the must-sees and which activities does Rotterdam have to offer? As a local girl I wrote this Rotterdam Guide especially for you newbies. In this blogpost I share…

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Blazing Budapest

By Ana Rita | 28 February 2018

This month’s flashback takes us back to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. When I had to pick a country for my exchange I really doubted between Hungary and Greece but the warm Mediterranean temperatures won me over haha. A friend of mine did go to Budapest and her exchange started a month before mine did.…

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Things I miss about Athens

By Ana Rita | 22 February 2018

22 of February is always an emotional day for me. In 2014 on this date I moved to the Greek capital of Athens to study abroad for one semester. In Europe we call this Erasmus and I had one year to prepare for it. In my mind I played the video over and over again…

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Discovering Madrid

By Ana Rita | 7 February 2018
Madrid Palacio Real Casa Borita

Last month my first trip of 2018 happened! We made a stop in Madrid, on the way back of our road trip through Portugal. Usually we run our booties off to see every highlight of the city but not this time. The fact that this was already my third visit to Madrid surely made it…

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Be amazed by Porto

By Ana Rita | 13 January 2018

One amazing view after another, Porto treats you well! A colorful city full of historical churches, pretty bridges, cozy quays, unique gardens, nearby beaches and cool hotspots. Be amazed by Porto with these 9 tips! Climb the Clérigos church tower The Clérigos church tower can be seen from different angles in the city and is…

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5 cities in northern Portugal that you shouldn’t miss

By Ana Rita | 8 January 2018

I hope you just spent an amazing holiday season! I spent Christmas with my family in Portugal again for the first time in years. It was somewhat of a last-minute decision so flights were about three times as expensive. We weren’t really down for that, so we opted for a road trip instead. No worries…

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Surprise yourself at Dr. Rotterdam, the secret cocktail bar

By Ana Rita | 20 December 2017

While surfing the web I learned that there is a secret cocktail bar in Rotterdam. It is called the Doctor, Dr. when written. So apparently this place exists for almost six years already, how is it possible that I hadn’t heard of it before?! Anyway, it caught my curiosity and I kept googling it. Every…

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5 must sees in São Paulo

By Ana Rita | 13 December 2017
Unique Hotel São Paulo Casa Borita

This month I am taking you on a flashback to my best Christmas ever; Brazil 2013!  My dad was relocated in São Paulo for his job, the biggest city in Brazil with an impressive skyline. Not everyone is fond of this, and I must admit São Paulo is a city that you must get used…

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Nominees Liebster Award 2017

By Ana Rita | 8 September 2017

This year my blog was nominated by World View Promotions to recieve the Liebster Award. I felt very honoured, although I had no clue what the Liebster Award actually was! Our friend Google came to the rescue, and I found out that the Liebster Award is a digital award that bloggers give to new blogs…

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