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8 impressive and photogenic sights in Istanbul

By Ana Rita | 15 June 2018

Time for the flashback of the month! Let’s go back to June 2014 when I visited Istanbul, the metropole of Turkey. I’m a sucker for cities that have a river flowing through them. Why, you ask? Because rivers offer the best views with endless different angle options for pictures! And no other city beats Istanbul…

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Port Saplaya Casa Borita

Fall in love with Port Saplaya, the Valencian little Venice

By Ana Rita | 11 June 2018

Seriously, I can’t stop dreaming about Port Saplaya ever since I visited this lovely place. Marina? Check! Cute, colorful houses? Check! Quaint little streets? Check! Flowers everywhere? Check! Beach boulevard! Check! No crowds? Double check! If any place deserves to be nicknamed Little Venice, then it has to be Port Saplaya. This little coastal town…

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Calpe Muralla Roja Casa Borita

Visiting Calpe? Don’t be fooled by la Muralla Roja!

By Ana Rita | 8 June 2018

Before heading to Villajoyosa we did a stop in Calpe to admire – and take tons of pictures of! –  the insta-famous Muralla Roja. La Muralla Roja is an innovative apartment complex that was built in the 60’s. It means ‘the red wall’ but most of it is actually pink and some apartments are even…

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Villajoyosa, a colorful gem on the Costa Blanca

By Ana Rita | 4 June 2018

You know that feeling when you see an image of a ridiculously beautiful place and you really just want to go there? That was definitely the case for me with Villajoyosa. I have a never-ending list of pretty places that I want to visit, but it didn’t take me long to turn Villajoyosa into reality.…

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These are the best places in Valencia

By Ana Rita | 21 May 2018

Valencia is such a stunning city! This third major city of Spain surprised me on every level. It is a super colorful city full of sights to see, with a pleasant beach and great hotspots. Everything you need for a perfect city trip. However, what strikes me the most about Valencia is the livelihood all…

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5 things to see and do in Zakynthos

By Ana Rita | 9 May 2018
Zakynthos Casa Borita

We are sticking to Greek vibes for this month’s flashback. Tag along to Zakynthos! When I think of this pearl of the Ionian Sea, the first colors that come to mind are blue and green. Greece is a very blue country overall with all its stunning beaches, however Zakynthos also has a very beautiful landscape…

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What you must know before visiting the Zaanse Schans

By Ana Rita | 20 April 2018
Zaanse Schans Casa Borita

Ask any tourist what comes to mind when thinking of The Netherlands. Many of them will answer clogs, flowers and windmills for sure. It’s somewhat of a stereotype but hey, there is a reason behind them right? Well, sometimes it is fun to visit these cliché type of places. As so, I decided to become…

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Must see in Luxembourg: the Vianden Castle

By Ana Rita | 16 April 2018
Vianden Castle Casa Borita

Are you planning a trip to Luxembourg? Then the charming Luxembourg City is definitely a must. But did you know that the landscape of Luxembourg is also beautiful and that this tiny country is full of castles? More than a hundred! The Vianden Castle is one that has to be on your list. Vianden is…

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4 things to see in sweet Strasbourg

By Ana Rita | 12 April 2018
Petite France Strasbourg Casa Borita

O my Strasbourg. Being that other European Parliament city, politics is usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Strasbourg.  But it’s also the city of canals with picturesque houses, an historically tall cathedral, palaces that became beautiful museums and where storks serve as a mascot. I visited this French city as…

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5 reasons why you must visit Berlin right now

By Ana Rita | 23 March 2018
Berlin Casa Borita

The month is almost ending so it’s time for a new flashback! This month I am taking you to Berlin. Two years ago a German guy from our Athens apartment invited the whole group for an erasmus reunion. He hosted us at his place and showed us all the famous highlights of the city but…

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New in Rotterdam? This guide offers you plenty of tips!

By Ana Rita | 12 March 2018

I love to write blogs about the newest and coolest hotspots in Rotterdam. But where do you really have to go for a first-time visit? What are the must-sees and which activities does Rotterdam have to offer? As a local girl I wrote this Rotterdam Guide especially for you newbies. In this blogpost I share…

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Blazing Budapest

By Ana Rita | 28 February 2018

This month’s flashback takes us back to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. When I had to pick a country for my exchange I really doubted between Hungary and Greece but the warm Mediterranean temperatures won me over haha. A friend of mine did go to Budapest and her exchange started a month before mine did.…

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Things I miss about Athens

By Ana Rita | 22 February 2018

22 of February is always an emotional day for me. In 2014 on this date I moved to the Greek capital of Athens to study abroad for one semester. In Europe we call this Erasmus and I had one year to prepare for it. In my mind I played the video over and over again…

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Roze muur Rotteram Casa Borita

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