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Kravica waterfalls Bosnia

Relax at the majestic Kravica waterfalls in Bosnia & Herzegovina

When I asked for suggestions for my Croatia road trip, everyone kept telling me that I had to visit the waterfalls of Krka, Plitvice or both. Admittedly, they look stunning on photos. I had never seen large waterfalls in my life before, but I also heard how these two places ...
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Sakarun Beach Dugi Otok Croatia

How to get to Sakarun Beach from Zadar

What are your ingredients for a perfect vacation? Mines are a mix of vibrant towns, natural sights and beach, a lotta beach! When traveling to islands and coastal countries, the one thing that I always google is a list of the most beautiful beaches. So when Sakarun Beach popped up ...
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Casa Borita Hvar

The ups & downs of my trip through Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia

Folks, I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since Jaime and I left for our trip to the Balkans. Time really flies! Now that I had the time to let it all sink in, I would like to share a more personal blogpost with you. Not just talk about ...
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The best photo spots in Ljubljana for your Instagram

By Ana Rita | 11 July 2019

If Vienna and Venice had a love baby, it would be Ljubljana. That’s right, the capital of Slovenia is a city where Central European charm meets the relaxed Mediterranean vibe. No wonder that Ljubljana means ‘the beloved’. It was a balmy Wednesday evening when I saw Ljubljana for the very first time. The sun was…

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City guide to colorful Copenhagen

By Ana Rita | 17 June 2019
Nyhavn Copenhagen

Ever since I saw images of the rainbow colored Nyhavn, I knew that I had to visit Copenhagen. That was ages ago and this year finally, Copenhagen turned out to be the best option for a weekend getaway with friends. Honestly, other than Nyhavn, I did not know many sights in Copenhagen before going there.…

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What to know before visiting Burg Eltz Castle

By Ana Rita | 2 June 2019
Burg Eltz Castle Germany

In May, I went on a girls trip to the beautiful Moselle Valley in Germany. The Moselle Valley is part of the Eifel, a region that boasts vineyard-filled landscapes, cute little towns and many magical castles. Burg Eltz is by far the most popular one, appearing on the feeds of many travel instagrammers. I have…

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6 reasons to visit Haarlem

By Ana Rita | 16 May 2019
Haarlem The Netherlands

If you’ve only visited The Netherlands once, or you’re visiting for the first time, then I’ll bet my hat that Amsterdam is your destination of choice. I totally understand that. Amsterdam has a certain vibe of freedom that you do not encounter in many other cities and you’ll definitely never have a dull moment there.…

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How to take photos at the Keukenhof gardens while keeping it fun

By Ana Rita | 6 May 2019
Keukenhof Lisse The Netherlands

For eight weeks out of the year, The Netherlands have their very own Disneyland of flowers: I am talking about the Keukenhof gardens of course. Living in this happy flower nation, I have the chance to visit Keukenhof every year and it never fails to amaze me. My very first visit to Keukenhof was in…

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A guide to enjoy the gorgeous flower fields in The Netherlands

By Ana Rita | 15 April 2019
Hyacinth flower field Lisse Netherlands

Spring is the most wonderful time of the year to visit The Netherlands, and right now, I feel so lucky to call this my home country. The last couple of weeks have been absolutely magical! The moment I step out of the door I am greeted by the prettiest blossom trees, and the streets have…

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Autoworld, a uniquely cool museum in Brussels

By Ana Rita | 8 April 2019
Autoworld Brussels

During my last visit to Brussels I did something that wasn’t quite up my alley, I went to a car museum called Autoworld. It was my boyfriend’s idea to come here, and I wasn’t too thrilled about going there to be honest. But hey, he always goes along with my travel plans and the 973 photos…

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Explore the coast of Curaçao in high speed with Powerboat Caribbean

By Ana Rita | 31 March 2019
Powerboat Caribbean Curaçao

We had such a good time with Miramar Boat Trips, that captains Tamara and Irvin also invited us to join them on their other boat, Powerboat Caribbean. This is a RHIB boat, which stands for rigid hull inflatable boat. RHIB boats are low in height and weight, and they go super fast compared to other…

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Charter your own private yacht in Curaçao with Miramar Boat Trips

By Ana Rita | 26 March 2019
Miramar Boat Trips Curaçao

What is more relaxing than being on a tropical island? Relaxing on a boat, in that tropical island of course! During our last visit to Curaçao, captains Tamara and Irvin from Miramar Boat Trips invited us on board their yacht. We could not say no to that! My experience with Miramar Boat Trips Miramar is…

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A guide to discover the candy-colored island of Curaçao

By Ana Rita | 18 March 2019
Willemstad Curaçao

Imagine a place where the sun shines almost every day of the year. A place surrounded by pristine blue waters, dozens of white sandy beaches and where the buildings are painted in every color of the rainbow. Where the days end with the most gorgeous sunsets and the nights start with an ice cold drink…

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