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Hyacinth flower field Lisse Netherlands

A guide to enjoy the gorgeous flower fields in The Netherlands

Spring is the most wonderful time of the year to visit The Netherlands, and right now, I feel so lucky to call this my home country. The last couple of weeks have been absolutely magical! The moment I step out of the door I am greeted by the prettiest blossom ...
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Autoworld Brussels

Autoworld, a uniquely cool museum in Brussels

During my last visit to Brussels I did something that wasn’t quite up my alley, I went to a car museum called Autoworld. It was my boyfriend’s idea to come here, and I wasn’t too thrilled about going there to be honest. But hey, he always goes along with my travel ...
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Powerboat Caribbean Curaçao

Explore the coast of Curaçao in high speed with Powerboat Caribbean

We had such a good time with Miramar Boat Trips, that captains Tamara and Irvin also invited us to join them on their other boat, Powerboat Caribbean. This is a RHIB boat, which stands for rigid hull inflatable boat. RHIB boats are low in height and weight, and they go ...
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Charter your own private yacht in Curaçao with Miramar Boat Trips

By Ana Rita | 26 March 2019
Miramar Boat Trips Curaçao

What is more relaxing than being on a tropical island? Relaxing on a boat, in that tropical island of course! During our last visit to Curaçao, captains Tamara and Irvin from Miramar Boat Trips invited us on board their yacht. We could not say no to that! My experience with Miramar Boat Trips Miramar is…

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A guide to discover the candy-colored island of Curaçao

By Ana Rita | 18 March 2019
Willemstad Curaçao

Imagine a place where the sun shines almost every day of the year. A place surrounded by pristine blue waters, dozens of white sandy beaches and where the buildings are painted in every color of the rainbow. Where the days end with the most gorgeous sunsets and the nights start with an ice cold drink…

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These pink castles in Europe are straight out of a storybook

By Ana Rita | 12 February 2019

Yes, fairytales do exist and they are pink. I haven’t met one single castle yet that I didn’t like, but the pink ones really bring storybooks to life. With the help of my friends Google and Instagram, I discovered that there are as many as five pink castles in Europe! How magical is that? So…

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6 places that prove that mainland Greece is a perfect winter destination

By Ana Rita | 19 December 2018
Greece winter

Welcome to the last flashback of the year and it’s a special one for the season: I am taking you back to 2014, when I spent Christmas in Greece. Don’t worry if you never thought about Greece as a winter destination, the first images that came to my mind were islands, beaches and sunshine. Excellent…

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6 wonderful spots to enjoy a beach day on Aruba

By Ana Rita | 28 November 2018

Winter is about to start, and I am totally not ready for it. Please tell me I’m not the only one?! We can do two things now: cry and hibernate for the next four months OR beat the winter blues by daydreaming about tropical destinations. Therefore, let’s do a flashback to Aruba! If you’re searching…

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1 trip, 3 countries, 3 fairytale cities: Freiburg, Basel & Colmar

By Ana Rita | 21 November 2018
Colmar Casa Borita

This month my mom celebrated her 50th birthday. I can’t believe my old lady has been around for that long, it feels like she turned 40 yesterday. She also still kinda looks like 40 so I hope that she passed on those good genes to me haha. As a daughter, I had to do what…

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4 stunning places to visit as a daytrip from Miami

By Ana Rita | 14 November 2018
Fort Lauderdale Millionaire's Row Casa Borita

Miami is always a great idea. The tropical weather, beaches, shopping malls, vibrant nightlife, latin food, architecture and street art make it a perfect destination for a citytrip. No wonder that most folks start or end their Florida roadtrip in Miami! But what if you’re staying in Miami and your time to go around the…

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10 tasty hotspots for food and drinks in Athens

By Ana Rita | 17 October 2018
Pláka Athens Casa Borita

What is my favorite thing to do on a citytrip when I am not discovering enchanting places and photographing them? Eat and drink, like a lot! Restaurants in Athens serve large portions of food and the best part about it is that it’s very affordable. The streets of Athens have a kiosk on every corner…

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The most photo worthy spots in Athens

By Ana Rita | 10 October 2018
Lykavittos Hill Athens Casa Borita

There is no other city where I feel so alive as in Athens. My favorite city in the world, without any doubt! Walking through Athens means walking through centuries of history and seeing the Acropolis rising everywhere. A city full of vibrant lights, where life is celebrated with tons of tasty food and drinks and…

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Torgny: the charm of Provence in Belgium

By Ana Rita | 28 September 2018
Torgny Belgium Casa Borita

Honey-colored houses with doors and windows painted in bright colors, pretty flowers everywhere and an abundance of vineyards… this must be in southern France, right? Nope! We continued our road trip through the south of Belgium and this is Torgny, one of the most enchanting villages I’ve ever seen. Torgny is the southernmost place in…

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Roze muur Rotteram Casa Borita

Hi! Ana Rita here. A beach bum and city explorer with a special love for all things cute. I travel colorfully and I'm always in search of enchanting places. Let me inspire you to do the same!


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