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Lykavittos Hill Athens Casa Borita

The most photo worthy spots in Athens

By Ana Rita | 10 October 2018

There is no other city where I feel so alive as in Athens. My favorite city in the world, without any doubt! Walking through Athens means walking through centuries of history and seeing the Acropolis rising everywhere. A city full of vibrant lights, where life is celebrated with tons of tasty food and drinks and…

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Torgny Belgium Casa Borita

Torgny: the charm of Provence in Belgium

By Ana Rita | 28 September 2018

Honey-colored houses with doors and windows painted in bright colors, pretty flowers everywhere and an abundance of vineyards… this must be in southern France, right? Nope! We continued our road trip through the south of Belgium and this is Torgny, one of the most enchanting villages I’ve ever seen. Torgny is the southernmost place in…

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Dinant Casa Borita

Meet Dinant, a gem in the Belgian Ardennes

By Ana Rita | 21 September 2018

When you think of Belgium, what are the first places that come to mind? Most people will say Brussels, Bruges or maybe even Ghent. And if you’re a dance music lover like myself then Tomorrowland will pop up in your mind before anything else. I really want to encourage you to visit these places as…

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5 photo worthy sights in Corfu

By Ana Rita | 12 September 2018

New month, new flashback. This time I’m taking you to the Greek island of Corfu. Just like sister island Zakynthos, Corfu is all about lush green landscapes and pristine blue waters! Being the largest Ionic island, its coastline offers plenty of idyllic bays and long sandy beaches. Combine that with lots of historic sights, fresh…

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A guide to Ibiza beaches

By Ana Rita | 27 August 2018
Es Vedrà Ibiza

Ibiza has amazing beaches, there is no doubt about that. The only problem? There are too many to choose from! I am by no means an expert as I have only seen a few myself. But it’s enough to have an idea of what Ibiza has to offer. This list contains some of the most…

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5 reasons to love Ibiza

By Ana Rita | 22 August 2018

Travel is my biggest passion and I have a never-ending list of places that I want to visit. However, there are certain places that I keep going back to. Either because I have family or friends there – I am talking about Miami and Portugal of course -, or because I share a certain history…

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Visit Lindos, the most beautiful place in Rhodes

By Ana Rita | 31 July 2018
Lindos Rhodes Casa Borita

Today the month comes to an end and that means flashback time. As you might know by now I will never get tired of sharing my Greece stories so let’s go to Rhodes! The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Rhodes? Lindos, without a doubt. For me, just the name itself…

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Where to find photo worthy spots in Miami

By Ana Rita | 29 July 2018
Miami skyline sunset casa borita

Previously, I shared a list with some of the most Instagrammable hotspots for food and drinks in Miami. Of course, the picture-taking doesn’t stop here ‘cause Miami has so many stunning sights to offer! Go to the following areas and photo worthy memories will be made for sure 🙂 Miami Beach Let’s start with the…

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Photo dairy: Tomorrowland – The Story of Planaxis

By Ana Rita | 26 July 2018

If you’re still going to weekend 2 then you probably should stop reading now. If not, then tag along on this magical ride! Welcome to Tomorrowland, also known as the Disneyland for adults. Every year this Belgian festival has a new theme and this year it was Story of Planaxis, a mysterious underwater world. Three…

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Must see in Miami: Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

By Ana Rita | 18 July 2018

Miami has it all. Beach, skyline views, pastel colored streets, delicious food, a great nightlife and yes, also historic sights. Welcome to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a former villa owned by businessman James Deering. Stepping into this green oasis feels like taking a time machine back to the 16th century, however don’t be fooled by…

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7 Miami hotspots that will look great on your Instagram

By Ana Rita | 11 July 2018
Bunnie Cakes Miami Casa Borita

If you have been following my Stories on Instagram, then you know that Miami is the place to be for the most instagrammable hotspots ever. Whether you are going for cocktails, açai bowls, cupcakes or even burgers, these Miami hotspots won’t disappoint you. They don’t only taste super good, walking into them will give you…

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8 impressive and photogenic sights in Istanbul

By Ana Rita | 15 June 2018

Time for the flashback of the month! Let’s go back to June 2014 when I visited Istanbul, the metropole of Turkey. I’m a sucker for cities that have a river flowing through them. Why, you ask? Because rivers offer the best views with endless different angle options for pictures! And no other city beats Istanbul…

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Fall in love with Port Saplaya, the Valencian little Venice

By Ana Rita | 11 June 2018

Seriously, I can’t stop dreaming about Port Saplaya ever since I visited this lovely place. Marina? Check! Cute, colorful houses? Check! Quaint little streets? Check! Flowers everywhere? Check! Beach boulevard! Check! No crowds? Double check! If any place deserves to be nicknamed Little Venice, then it has to be Port Saplaya. This little coastal town…

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Roze muur Rotteram Casa Borita

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