Colorful travels by Ana Rita


Es Vedrà Ibiza

A guide to Ibiza beaches

Ibiza has amazing beaches, there is no doubt about that. The only problem? There are too many to choose from! I am by no means an expert as I have only seen a few myself. But it’s enough to have an idea of what Ibiza has to offer. This list contains some of the most…

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5 reasons to love Ibiza

Travel is my biggest passion and I have a never-ending list of places that I want to visit. However, there are certain places that I keep going back to. Either because I have family or friends there – I am talking about Miami and Portugal of course -, or because I share a certain history…

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Fall in love with Port Saplaya, the Valencian little Venice

Seriously, I can’t stop dreaming about Port Saplaya ever since I visited this lovely place. Marina? Check! Cute, colorful houses? Check! Quaint little streets? Check! Flowers everywhere? Check! Beach boulevard! Check! No crowds? Double check! If any place deserves to be nicknamed Little Venice, then it has to be Port Saplaya. This little coastal town…

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Calpe Muralla Roja Casa Borita

Visiting Calpe? Don’t be fooled by la Muralla Roja!

Before heading to Villajoyosa we did a stop in Calpe to admire – and take tons of pictures of! –  the insta-famous Muralla Roja. La Muralla Roja is an innovative apartment complex that was built in the 60’s. It means ‘the red wall’ but most of it is actually pink and some apartments are even…

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Villajoyosa, a colorful gem on the Costa Blanca

You know that feeling when you see an image of a ridiculously beautiful place and you really just want to go there? That was definitely the case for me with Villajoyosa. I have a never-ending list of pretty places that I want to visit, but it didn’t take me long to turn Villajoyosa into reality.…

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These are the best places in Valencia

Valencia is such a stunning city! This third major city of Spain surprised me on every level. It is a super colorful city full of sights to see, with a pleasant beach and great hotspots. Everything you need for a perfect city trip. However, what strikes me the most about Valencia is the livelihood all…

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Madrid Palacio Real Casa Borita

Discovering Madrid

Last month my first trip of 2018 happened! We made a stop in Madrid, on the way back of our road trip through Portugal. Usually we run our booties off to see every highlight of the city but not this time. The fact that this was already my third visit to Madrid surely made it…

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