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Autoworld Brussels

Autoworld, a uniquely cool museum in Brussels

During my last visit to Brussels I did something that wasn’t quite up my alley, I went to a car museum called Autoworld. It was my boyfriend’s idea to come here, and I wasn’t too thrilled about going there to be honest. But hey, he always goes along with my travel plans and the 973 photos…

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Torgny Belgium Casa Borita

Torgny: the charm of Provence in Belgium

Honey-colored houses with doors and windows painted in bright colors, pretty flowers everywhere and an abundance of vineyards… this must be in southern France, right? Nope! We continued our road trip through the south of Belgium and this is Torgny, one of the most enchanting villages I’ve ever seen. Torgny is the southernmost place in…

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Dinant Casa Borita

Meet Dinant, a gem in the Belgian Ardennes

When you think of Belgium, what are the first places that come to mind? Most people will say Brussels, Bruges or maybe even Ghent. And if you’re a dance music lover like myself then Tomorrowland will pop up in your mind before anything else. I really want to encourage you to visit these places as…

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Photo dairy: Tomorrowland – The Story of Planaxis

If you’re still going to weekend 2 then you probably should stop reading now. If not, then tag along on this magical ride! Welcome to Tomorrowland, also known as the Disneyland for adults. Every year this Belgian festival has a new theme and this year it was Story of Planaxis, a mysterious underwater world. Three…

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