Colorful travels by Ana Rita

Olá! Welcome to my house, welcome to Casa Borita!

Do you love city trips, beach destinations and other enchanting places? Then you’re at the right address.

Casa Borita takes you to the prettiest, cutest and most colorful places. Whether it’s a tropical beach, a quaint street, a cool hotspot, a flower field, an idyllic village or a centuries-old castle, here you’ll find tons of ideas and photo inspiration.


Where does my wanderlust come from?

You could say that this is the result of my exchange semester in Athens, Greece and my internship on the Caribbean island of Curaçao.

I have been a beach bum for as long as I can remember, and those places felt like my natural habitat. Paradise like beaches became my reality and I was traveling from one wonderful place to another. In other words, I experienced a feeling of total freedom.

I did not want to lose this feeling when I returned to my home country The Netherlands. And why should I only visit wonderful places while on a sunny island? I decided to make travel a priority in my life and go on trips as often as possible.

My travels range from daytrips in The Netherlands to roadtrips during the weekends and the occasional beach vacation. Thanks to all these mini trips I discovered more enchanting places than I could have ever dreamed of!

And you can do this too. I want to inspire you to go out there and look for the things that give you that feeling of instant happiness. Whether it is on the other side of the world or within your own hometown.


Who am I?

Ana Rita, 26 summers young, born in Lisbon, Portugal and based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. I share a cozy home with my American boyfriend and my fluffy chihuahua dog. I don't own any plants though. I prefer to go outside to see plants. Especially if those plants are located next to a sunny terrace where I can enjoy a nice meal and a good glass of wine. Also, feel free to invite me for a cocktail at a rooftop bar.

What else do I love? The color pink, sushi, sunsets, flowers, Ben & Jerry’s, horror movies, chocolate, tattoo’s, collecting labello’s, reading and EDM festivals. And all the lovely folks around me of course!

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Ayo! AR x

Roze muur Rotteram Casa Borita

Hi! Ana Rita here. A beach bum and city explorer with a special love for all things cute. I travel colorfully and I'm always in search of enchanting places. Let me inspire you to do the same!